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Kingswood Primary Academy

Academy Rules

Kingswood Primary Academy Ethos


Respect Each Other

Treat others as you would expect to be treated yourself.  Ensure you are polite, sensitive, thoughtful and caring. Communicate in a positive way: in person and in the digital world. Work with others to support their learning and make a positive contribution to our Academy and community.


Respect Our Environment and Community

Value our academy community by respecting our learning environment and property. Keep Kingswood a safe, welcoming and inspirational place to work and learn.


Respect Yourself

Take pride in being a responsible, aspirational and ambitious person. Demonstrate honesty and integrity in all aspects of your life; make a positive contribution to your own learning, our Academy and our community.





We value:

   Belonging         Responsibility         Honesty            Respect           Cooperation            

Ambition           Creativity          Enthusiasm        Determination        Knowledge


Rounded Rectangle: Growth mind-set at Kingswood:
We are motivated and focused on improving our resilience and self-belief by developing our confidence and independence as learners.
We demonstrate enthusiasm and positivity for belonging to a caring, respectful community which promotes reflection and perseverance.
We take inspiration from each other and put in the maximum effort in everything we do.
We are hard-working to enable us to achieve our personal goals and challenge ourselves, because we are determined to be the best we can be!