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Kingswood Primary Academy

What are we doing well?

June 2016

Attendance as you know has been a focus for the whole Academy for the last couple of years. We have improved whole school attendance through a variety of strategies such as:

  • Attendance cup celebrated weekly in achievement assembly
  • Attendance certificates for pupils each half term
  • Attendance treats each half term
  • Regular meetings and monitoring of attendance
  • Regular communication with parents if there are attendance concerns
  • No authorisation of holidays taken during term time

These have proved to be highly successful and we can now see how we have improved:

  • Sep 2015-May 2016- 95.3%
  • Sep 2014- May 2015- 95.7%
  • Sep 2013-May 2014- 95.8%
  • Sep 2012-May 2013-  94.3%
  • Sep 2011- May 2012- 92.4%

A huge thank you to all the adults in school who have worked very hard to make these improvements and also a huge thank you to parents and children for responding so positively.

June 2016- Sporting Success

This year has been the school’s most successful sporting year in recent history. We have entered more competitions than we have previously (two indoor athletics competitions, Town Sports, gymnastics, a swimming gala and competed in more intra-school matches against each other). We finished 2nd in the first indoor athletics competition against 8 schools. We finished 6th in the Inter- Academy Sports competition against 17 schools.

But most impressively, we won the Corby Town Sports Athletics competition for the first time in its 52 year history; we were competing against 23 other teams from over 13 schools. Over 55 children from KS2 will have taken part in an external sporting competition this year